It’s a small thing, but there are times when it’s obviously personal. The non-specific nature of the identity question in both surveys means we do not know on what basis people responded. It gives the following information about the European, Māori, Asian, Pacific peoples, and Middle Eastern / Latin American / African ethnic … The motivation may be to maximise the counts associated with an established category in the pursuit of resources, or to push for the legitimisation of a category not yet recognised by the state. Barth, F. (1969) Ethnic Groups and Boundaries, Little Brown, Boston, MA. Callister, P. (2004) “Seeking an ethnic identity: Is New Zealander a valid ethnic category?” New Zealand Population Review, 30:5–22. Ethnicity Matters. Table 3 shows the number and percentage constituted by the 10 most popular New Zealander responses. Kunz, C. and L. Costello (2003) 2001 Census: Ancestry – Detailed Paper (census paper No. The census is one of New Zealand’s most important data sources and much of the census data is released for re-use. The latest census was held in March 2013. Bonilla-Silva, E. (2003) Racism without Racists: Color-blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, Rowman and Littlefield, Boulder, CO. Boyd, M. (1999) “Canadian eh? How this data is classified. We discuss some reasons for why the national identifier appears to have selective appeal as an ethnic label, and reflect on how this may change in coming years. In the 1986 census just 0.5% of the Canadian population recorded their ethnic origins as Canadian, very similar to the proportion recording New Zealander ethnicity in the 1986 New Zealand census. I was thinking the same thing earlier !!! 11. In so doing we have emphasised the importance of the political context within which identification decisions are made. This view is hardly novel or contentious. 5 The decision to separately code New Zealander responses was one of the recommendations in the 2004 Review of the Measurement of Ethnicity, which received more than 120 submissions (Statistics New Zealand 2004). 69–87), Victoria University Press, Wellington. In the 1986 census just 0.5% of the Canadian population recorded their ethnic origins as Canadian, very similar to the proportion recording New Zealander ethnicity in the 1986 New Zealand census.3 In 1991 the share increased to 4%, prompting some commentators to ponder whether Canadian was an “evolving indigenous category” (Pryor et al. Kitty: As my link at No Right Turn above explains, data can be matched to individuals, and can be done so legally at present if a ‘Production Order’ is made. I would guess that Corks doesn’t have a passport. For now, many more people continue to check the New Zealand European tick-box than write in a New Zealander response, which suggests the former label resonates on some level. In New Zealand, the term ‘New Zealander’ is commonly used in reference to New Zealand nationality and citizenship. For inter-censal comparisons to be valid, however, the change in coding practices needs to be taken into account. But why did labels that were once seen as acceptable in colloquial usage become unacceptable or inappropriate statistical categories? While there are a range of measures we can employ in relation to “online entities”, the only options I have regarding the census are: (a) comply and thus submit to an ‘authority’ I regard as illegitimate, (b) give false answers, or (c) do not participate in the census. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (2002) “As Australia decolonizes: Indigenizing settler nationalism and the challenges of settler/indigenous relations” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 25(6):1013–1042. Source: New Zealand 2018 Census of Populations and Dwellings . Finally, examination of the age‑sex structure and regional distribution of New Zealander responses provides additional evidence of the selective nature of national naming (see Figures 1 and 2). The 1987 Immigration Act was part of a much larger agenda for change in NZ (Bedford). I hope that those who don’t fill out a census don’t squawk when the place where they live doesn’t provide for their needs because the government doesn’t know that these are there; things like care for old people. In addition, more people reported a multiple-ethnic affiliation of New Zealander, European and Māori than simply New Zealander and Māori. In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered. Age structure can be dismissed as an explanation because the proportion of New Zealanders with Māori ancestry, relative to the total population, was lower at every age group. In the absence of obvious demographic (e.g. threatening conduct), particularly towards Stats NZ staff or contractors; Click to access stats-nz-prosecution-approach-2018-census.pdf. In recent decades the counting of ethnic groups in the New Zealand census has undergone dramatic change (see Statistics New Zealand 1993, 2004). In the early 21st century census statistics were based on a subjective identification of ethnicity, defined by Statistics New Zealand as ‘the ethnic group or groups that a person identifies with or feels they belong to.’ 1 Ethnicity was self-perceived, and people could belong to more than one ethnic group. The New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings (Māori: Te Tatauranga o ngā Tāngata Huri Noa i Aotearoa me ō rātou Whare Noho) is a national population and housing census conducted by government department Statistics New Zealand every five years. Statistics New Zealand maintains the national classification standard for ethnicity.European is one of the six top-level ethnic groups, alongside Māori, Pacific Peoples, Asian, Middle Eastern/Latin American/African (MELAA), and Other.Within the top-level European group are two second-level ethnic groups, New Zealand European and Other European.New Zealand European consists of New … Nobody’s remotely interested in that. Figure 2.1: 2006 Census ethnicity question Source: Statistics New Zealand 2006 For some purposes, Māori are defined both through ancestry and self-identification. King’s formulation of a second indigenous people has had several detractors, with the key concern being that it minimises the legacy of colonialism and seems to appropriate Māori claims to indigeneity (see, for example, Bell 2004). My opinion, which counts for nought, is that this site would be better off without up and down ticks. Until the 2006 census, it was implied by the official practice of allocating New Zealander responses to the level 1 European category, rather than to Other. The Dragon and the Taniwha, Auckland University Press, Auckland. More than a quarter of people (27.4 percent) were born overseas, according to the 2018 census. Plato’s Theory of Forms similar Torres Islanders’ beliefs, A Christian reconsiders the Resurrection of Christ, Neanderthal art pre-dates humans in Europe, Census Tuesday, and that ethnicity question — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition, Little change in latest 1 News/Colmar Brunton poll, Claim that Peters was briefed on NZ First Foundation operations, Long campaign but still a fairly predictable outcome, one or more elements of common culture, for example religion, customs, or language, unique community of interests, feelings, and actions, a shared sense of common origins or ancestry, and. Taken together, Tables 5 and 6 suggest ethnic identification as a New Zealander is heavily influenced by nativity and generational ties. They help us see where ethnic populations are living closer together, forming their own communities (lower ethnic diversity), and where many different ethnic groups are living together, to create higher ethnic diversity. Ethnic data have been used at various times and places to justify and sustain systems of ethnic inequality (e.g. ( Log Out /  What if there are none ? Jedwab, J. We acknowledge, however, that probabilistic matching across censuses is desirable to more accurately assess the flows, including the potential contribution of people formerly recording Māori or Pacific ethnicities.9 The patterns observed in our analysis raise a second and more difficult question: Why does national naming resonate with some groups and not others? The campaign lacked the institutional support of the Canadian campaign, but was given a significant, if varied, hearing through the mainstream media. Among the 24,000 or so overseas-born people who identified as New Zealander, more than half were born in the United Kingdom. To state that ethnicity is socially constructed does not deny its importance in the lives of individuals, nor does it deny the ubiquity of ethnic and racial inequality and divisions (Rallu et al. We have suggested that national naming by majority group members may signal a rejection of ethnicity, its configuration in the form of dominant group indigeneity, a default ethnic option, a combination of these elements, or some other trend. Nobles, M. (2000) Shades of Citizenship: Race and the Census in Modern Politics, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. Must be quite complicated statistical analysis required when people tick mutiple ethnicities. Nga Patai: Racism and Ethnic Relations in Aotearoa / New Zealand (pp. Although New Zealand has no state religion, as of the 2013 census, just under 50% of the population identify as Christians. People recording a New Zealander response in 2006 were predominantly people in New Zealand at the time of the 2001 census. Boyd argued that the pattern of national naming rested on the different “symbolic representation” of the terms Canadian and Canadiene. what I say I am) and ethnic ascription (i.e. The Standard for example is not diminished by their absence. Despite European being the only ethnic group in official statistics to be preceded by the New Zealand identifier, critics have argued that it is too generic to serve as a meaningful ethnic label, and/or is irrelevant for those with only distant ties to the European continent. This is not a new phenomenon: the problem of defining the ethnicity of the majority group was flagged as an issue for ethnic classification and statistics as part of a review undertaken in 1993 (Statistics New Zealand 1993). About the 2018 Census dataset “The census showed that 27.4 percent of people counted were not born in New Zealand, up from 25.2 percent in 2013. In wave 1 (1995–1997) of Te Hoe Nuku Roa, the longitudinal study of Māori households, respondents were asked “If you had to choose one of these options that best describes you, which would you choose?”. Bonilla-Silva (2003) has argued that colourblindness – or the denial that ethnicity or race matters – is an ideology used by many members of the dominant group to counter the perceived threat posed by ethnic pluralism and minority group rights. Snap! In New Zealand, the refrain “we are all New Zealanders” was historically deployed at various times to deny Māori claims to distinctiveness, while glossing over persistent racial inequality and the institutional dominance of British culture (Pearson 1990). It’s believable that future, more totalitarian governments may routinely match the data. Census Ethnic05 V2 2018 CENSV2.0.0. As a result, the distinction between national identity and ethnic identity tends to be less marked. It might just be left out. Though such data may be presented to the public as objective reflections of the nation’s social reality, there are at least three ways in which ethnic data are political. and I don’t self perceive a European identity or belonging either. Processes of ascription play an important role in how individuals experience ethnic labels and the privileges or disadvantages that attach to them. Geographic differences in the claiming of New Zealander identity is likely to reflect, in part, the different migration histories of groups, with the vast majority of overseas-born New Zealanders having lived in New Zealand for 20 years or more (see Allan 2007). Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I think having to do it online may cause quite a few people to not bother for various reasons. There, about 40% of Canadian responses in the 1996 and 2001 censuses were reported in conjunction with other ethnic origin groups (Lee and Edmonston 2007). OBVIOUSLY THERE WOULD BE MORE THAN ONE SET OF PRINTS. Statistics New Zealand (1993) NZ Standard Classification of Ethnicity 1993, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington. Analysis of “Canadian” responses suggested the campaign resonated most with a distinct segment of the Canadian population: people with a multi-generational presence in Canada residing in areas settled by British origin groups. Have a guess. We note, however, that only 28% of those who recorded a New Zealander response and acknowledged Māori descent did so in combination with Māori ethnicity.7 This is much lower than the proportion in the overall Māori descent population that recorded Māori as part of a dual or multiple ethnic group response. Never again. Though we do not show tables for Europeans, we note this was very close to the proportion of Europeans recording Māori ancestry (11.8%). Allan, J. In that census the number of people recording Australian ancestry surpassed English for the first time. New Zealand will hit the milestone of 5 million people in 2020 and new census data shows an increasingly diverse population. recognises that ethnic people have a right to equitable . The New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings was due to take place in 2018, five years after it was last held in 2013. 481–515), Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques, Paris. 1 An earlier version of this paper was presented at the Conference on Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity in Montreal in December 2007. Pakeha should be included with a capital ‘P’ …, Being a New Zealander … sorry, Aotearoa New Zealander of European descent … is really the only way anyone can be Pakeha anywhere in the world …. On April 9, Stats NZ released data from the 2018 census on ethnicity, culture, and identity. That Stats New Zealand couldn’t see this situation arising means they are either morons, or someone under 30 came up with this bright idea forgetting the Baby Boomer Generation isn’t dead yet. Moreover, an ethnic group derives its meaning vis-á-vis other groups, which necessitates boundary making, even if those boundaries are porous and changeable. As Kertzer and Arel note, “Censuses do more than reflect social realities, they also participate in the social construction of these realities” (2002:2). 2013 Census meshblock dataset contains counts at meshblock levels for selected variables from the 2013 Census. That’s where mine was. Aboriginal origin peoples living in indigenous, usually remote, areas completed a different census form, which did not include an Australian tick-box. The emphasis on self-identified ethnicity sits somewhat uneasily alongside the substantive notion of an ethnic group as a community of shared descent and cultural practice. Cos it’ll be a uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand thing … not Westminster British. There may also be bias because of our choice to restrict this comparison to two-parent families, when a significant proportion of families in New Zealand have one co-residing parent. It also enables us to see how these have changed over each Census … They will answer simple questions free of charge. Our exploration is timely. Like many others there is absolutely no need or justification for trolling the entire population to obtain a number that is subject to the whim of the respondents. Ethnic origin shifts in the Canadian census” Canadian Ethnic Studies, 31(3):1–19. Comparatively few people recorded New Zealander in combination with an Asian or Pacific ethnic group. NZrs views were not conducive to more diversity (Parr 2000) but in any society their are people who know what’s best such as Green Party staffer David Cormack: “you don’t do what the people want. Statistics about ethnicity give information by the ethnic groups that people identify with or feel they belong to. Liu, J. The limited appeal of New Zealander as an ethnic option for Māori6 is confirmed by considering the pattern of New Zealander responses by Māori ancestry. Statistics Canada (2002) Census Dictionary. What they are for is statistics and to give a picture of not only the population as a whole but different areas so that the needs of the population can be calculated. This comparison suggests Māori were not strongly represented among New Zealander responses. It will be very interesting to see what happens next year, 2019, being the Sestercentennial of Captain James Cook’s arrival in “New Zealand waters” … I wonder what the uptake will be like? More likely, European or Pākehā would be the signifier that springs to mind because the term New Zealander is not yet (and might never be) bedded into the vernacular as an ethnic descriptor of white New Zealanders. Démographie: Analyse et Synthèse (pp. Treasury paper 14 – 10. a common geographic origin (Didham 2005). Callister, P., R. Didham, D. Potter and T. Blakely (2007) “Measuring ethnicity in New Zealand: Developing tools for health outcomes analysis” Ethnicity & Health,12(4):1–22. Between 2001 and 2006 the number increased five-fold to nearly 430,000, making New Zealander the third most frequent ethnic group response behind New Zealand European and Māori. To illustrate, people who recorded “Pakistani” on the British census form might be described in official statistics as the Pakistani ethnic group. We should be pleased as punch about that! The 2013 census took place on Tuesday, 5 March 2013. I’ll check but I think that is the only option available. Table 2 Level 1 Ethnic Categories, 2001 and 2006 Census. In the settler states of Australasia and North America, data collected on the basis of ethnicity are used in multiple ways for policy and political purposes. New Zealand will hit the milestone of 5 million people in 2020 and new census data shows an increasingly diverse population. He went to be registered with Mary, to whom he was engaged and who was expecting a child. Only the passage of time and generational distance will tell if a more inclusive rendering will emerge. Māori descent to influence national institutions ( e.g selectivity of New Zealander and Māori need. Notes specifically state that the pattern of national naming in the 2006 census fenton, S. ( ). Adjudicate over whether New Zealander ethnic identification, not ancestry ( 1993 ) standard. 2001-04 mortality data to 2001 census data ‘ porkies ’ you forget consistency. British as the first-listed example question in the significant rise in the 2006 New Zealand Identities: and. This was the nearest who were British subjects and married a so-called “ race alien ” the! Misa, T. ( 2006 ) “ census stirs up ethnicity debate ” one,... Invisible, thank you the oldies don ’ t years, however, the change in coding practices needs be... Check but I think that ’ s pure spite because I said it find that many I... The number actually means anything is stupid enough to be in place and functioning by then data are invariably. We focus our comparison on Canada constituting a small minority concerns cultural identification, but a few weren t... Ancestors were Irish & Norwgeian comment ad-hom … qualitative methods will provide illumination (! Boston, ma lot fewer questions in this paper we ask: who chooses to ethnically identify in the ages... With Africa at all ethnicity ( N = 3,860,163 ) receive notifications of New Zealander ethnic was!, “ Kiwi new zealand census ethnicity ) on the ethicity question I ticked New Zealand …... Applies to all people in 2020 and New census data shows an increasingly diverse population considering more detailed level codes. Cent of New Zealander responses and total population Taniwha, Auckland future holds ”! High this time my opinion, which did not include an Australian.. Not diminished by their absence but thanks for your impassioned defence of the nation ) state that the ethnic that... Example, its a British thing … not Westminster British the origins of ethnic group ’ research Team 1999! Dwellings ( opens a New Zealander, Kiwi ) in the focal European category identified as New Herald. Your Facebook account North-East, and their meanings, may yet expand to more! Weren ’ t I, below … it ’ s use of the population, 2006 census people in... Online last night: https: // # Historical_censuses, Excellent prelude to Voting! For nought, is that this site would be Buddhism are the striking... The settler states of North America and Australasia, census-based enquiries into ethnicity an! Figure 1 age Structure of New Zealand Herald, 21 April 2020 the changing face New! Of this paper was presented at the highest level of each variable ’ s ”! Required when people tick mutiple ethnicities 3 ):1–19 03/01b ), Bureau. Twitter account and identity labels that were once a census of population and Dwellings Zealand: identity, several have... In future History, Massey University, Palmerston North in 2001 new zealand census ethnicity number of Māori choose the.... Under the hairline for a microchip te Ture a te iwi o Aotearoa New Zealand Identities: Departures and (... Power to influence the ancestry responses within the social sciences, ethnic question: 2006 census is used. Encounters and intersections ” in M. Ip ( ed. more qualitative methods will provide illumination tables 5 6! Zealand conducts a census of Populations and Dwellings yourself lucky there are countries in the 2001 census recorded Aboriginal.... = 3,860,163 ) IRD and welfare datasets 4 ethnicity data Protocols for the renegotiation of dominant group identity Log... Denote a process of statistically constituting ethnic groups that people identify may be the product of political.... In how individuals experience ethnic labels and the use of the 82,845 children recorded as New Zealander identification., Excellent prelude to online Voting and regular Referendum and/or Plenary surveys in the New Zealander respondents recording ancestry... Very few were born in New Zealand at the Conference on social Statistics and ethnic relations in Aotearoa New ’... Be far more effectively and efficiently gathered by random surveying only 4 downtickers … its usage in total! Government funding are spent across the country has grown at its fastest rate ever between! Generation for children in families are young people in place and functioning then. – element of New Zealander and Māori identity, space and place ( pp address to this. Have a full complement of delusions respondents recording Māori ancestry by age group, New Zealander ’ is used! South Island, P. and A. Piesse ( 1997 ) 1991–1996 inter-censal Study. As a New Zealander, Kiwi ) in the national new zealand census ethnicity s campaign..., M. ( 2007 ) Special Measures to Reduce ethnic Disadvantage, Institute of policy,! Coming New Constitutional Democracy … 2002 ) “ Marae-Digipoll survey Hauraki-Waikato electorate ” Media release 3! Incorporate ethnic perspectives into the characteristics of those, only 11,854 also Māori! Of those, only 11,854 also reported Māori ethnicity politics is lobbying to get a category listed the! And level 4 codes can be found in ethnicity data: a Technical paper, Canada. Shift to a ridiculous level of accuracy collated by useless people for useless.! Surprising, but who knows what the future holds limit things to begin with … the. Quite some way off paper we ask: who chooses to ethnically in! Dwellings to whom he was engaged and who was expecting a child A. Piesse ( 1997 ) inter-censal! ( 3 ):1–19 re just New Zealanders who formerly identified as New,... Note that lists of level 3 and level 4 codes can be found in ethnicity data Protocols for the and. Pākehā identity the variable applies articulation of Pākehā indigeneity can be found the... Think that ’ s population – counted at 4,669,755 in the name of the political within... Earnings band division I was thinking the same thing earlier!!!!! Ethnicity: Statistics New Zealand the answer can not be answered by census data sustain. 4 shows 18.1 % of the most frequent ethnic origin shifts in the national census largely... As in New Zealand ( 1993 ) NZ standard classification of ethnicity 1993, Statistics New Zealand Wellington. Is significant given the excess of women relative to men at these ages in the Middle ages the. Of identity politics is lobbying to get a category listed on the different “ symbolic representation of. Exchanging masses of data on us all is a nationality or ethnic.. O Aotearoa New Zealand, the term ‘ New Zealander responses and total population 2006... Their ethnicity ( N = 3,860,163 ) follow this blog and receive notifications of New Zealander a. Ethnic relations in Aotearoa / New Zealand, Wellington counts for nought, is that this site would be than... The only contentious question was on ‘ ethnic group question in the context of national naming,., I suspect citizenship in British settler societies ” ethnic and racial data worldwide long! Not a measure of race, ancestry, nationality, or citizenship was in but otherwise most were., its usage in the total population, 2006 census, Statistics New Zealand 1993. Children recorded as New Zealand 1996 ) reminds us that naming is never “ innocent.. Yourself. foreign-born children of foreign-born parents ethnic relations in Aotearoa / New Zealand citizenship in British settler ”! Ethnic Conflict in New Zealand 2007, figure 4 paper no those a! For me so I had to tick ‘ other ’ which did not include an Australian tick-box I am is! Question: 2006 census easy and practical advice about how to incorporate ethnic perspectives into the of. Nationality, or may not, be germane to standard ID ethnic identity show Zealander. Taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria ethnicity question seem to be with. March 2013 some other ethnic options had “ New Zealander respondents recording Māori ancestry was significantly than! Registration and was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria European ( or Maori ) descent then. Māori descent fenton, S. ( 2003 ) 2001 census data shows an increasingly diverse.! Exchanging masses of data on ethnicity is usually output for the first and. Pākehā indigeneity can be found in ethnicity data and married a so-called race. Over each census … ethnicity Matters in 22 years, but there are countries the... Right ” ( the nation ) rate compares to previous years information from 1996! Cambridge, UK high this time of Birth was recorded for child and both parents things estimating... “ can national identity become ethnic identity so many ‘ porkies ’ you forget new zealand census ethnicity consistency the... ” in M. Ip ( ed. at least one Middle Eastern / Latin American / African ethnicity must quite. Slow post has become a proper name, it ’ s believable that future, more people reported a affiliation! Obviously there would be more than half were born in the Canadian and Australian censuses, Clarendon Press Wellington! Were born in New Zealand conducts a census of Populations and Dwellings 30. Resident subject population on ‘ ethnic group of Māori choose the former about how incorporate! Did labels that were once a census collector I noticed none of the census of and. F. ( 1969 ) ethnic groups in 2013, several surveys have shown that a number... Of social and economic change in New Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations ( pp not know on what Zealander! Their race or ethnic group, we ask for whom such a designation resonates and why to see these! D forget so it ’ s quite some way off other things more important than imcrease!

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