Body Solid GLCE365 Leg Curl/Extension Review. Many people have even been happy with something basic like the Powertec Bench with attachment, or the Ironmaster Super Bench with attachment. I do not have much space left in my garage for it, but because it’s only what… 27 inches wide? It’s adjustable, it’s durable, it’s perfectly functional, and it is relatively affordable and compact. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Thanks for the review! If that’s you, well then I guess you wouldn’t be interested in a machine like this, and that’s okay!!! Leg workouts have never been so quick and efficient, the two most important leg exercises can now be performed from one comfortable position. Over $1,200.00 - apply Price filter. Body-Solid Leg Extension / Leg Curl Machine are engineered with the user in mind. They’d probably even go quite the distance in a commercial setting, but that’s not something I’ll ever be able to test and confirm, of course. Everything officially sounds great! Zowel online als in onze, © 2020 Fitwinkel B.V. Alle rechten voorbehouden, Tijdelijk niet leverbaar, wellicht voorradig in de Fitwinkels. for chest, set ups, etc. SAVE $764.00. Short, instructional video for the Body-Solid CAM Series Leg Extension & Curl - #GCEC340. Shape and proportions are wrong, and pads don’t lock the way an adjustable bench would since it was never meant for that kind of use. Body-Solid Dip Station Model: GDIP59 ... Body-Solid Commercial Seated Calf Raise Model: GSCR349. The plastic caps that hold the washer and the pads on are a little bigger in diameter than the pipes they fit into. Add to this the flimsy handles, a seat so tiny that you basically cannot use the back pad if you want to fit in the seat, and the fact that the bench is so front heavy that you need to weigh down the rear end somehow. One feature that the EliteFTS machine has that the Wright’s does not is the ability to adjust the leg rollers up or down in much the same way as on the Body Solid. ... Body-Solid Pro Dual Commercial Rated Leg Extension DLEC-SF. The low height of the bench is irrelevant for leg curls, the pad does adjust into a good enough decline for proper positioning,  and the length of the bench is fine. Sounds like it will. I still have and use the Powertec cable tower; it is really just the Powertec bench that I’m excited to finally get rid of. USD $499.00. will be dismantled and ready for collection in about a weeks time for collection. $866.00. Element Seated Leg Extension / Leg Curl . body solid vs elitefts, Body-Solid Selectorized Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine Met de veelzijdige Selectorized Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine van Body-Solid kun je de twee belangrijkste been oefeningen uitvoeren vanuit één comfortabele positie. The pads on the GLCE365 are very large, comfortable and very professional in terms of their fit and finish. I 2-leg curl sets of 12 at either 90 or 100-lbs depending on what else I’ve done that day, and I do single-leg curls about every third time I leg curl, but I’m not curling 70-lbs per leg… not on this device anyway. HighlyRated Leg Extension / Curl Machines Examined. The legs are the only component of the frame that get bolted on. Leg-curl and leg-extension machines go hand-in-hand, with the seated models like the Body Solid Cam Series, XMark Fitness Rotary and Valor Fitness CC-4 offering a curl function that works by providing resistance in the opposite direction to the extension function, while other models like the Deltech Fitness and Marcy SB-350 either have a bench or can be turned into a bench so you can lie … Leg curls only ; This machine has a high tensile steel main frame. I WAS going to get a new Powertec bench strictly for leg curls and leg extensions, but what a waste of money that would have been! This Body-Solid Pro ClubLine Leg Curl SLC400G-2 sets the standard for workout comfort and convenience. Leverages on the GLCE365 seem really solid. When looking at this machine in the various seated positions, keep in mind that the seat is never quite flat (0º) in these positions,  rather it is angled downward. Body-Solid Selectorized Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine Met de veelzijdige Selectorized Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine van Body-Solid kun je de twee belangrijkste been oefeningen uitvoeren vanuit één comfortabele positie. I read on a review about the Body Solid GLCE365 doesn’t work well for women height 5’6 and under…I was wondering if you may know if there is a height minimum? Your other options include many of those listed here – Elite FTS, Wright’s, Legend, and Body Solid. You want to know the height of the seat basically? Add to Cart. Additionally, and this may not even be something that matters to many, but the fact that the seat adjusts into an upright position pleases me since that adjustment shaves about 15″ off the total length of the unit, which amounts to less space needed in the gym. At all x 42 '' W ; Related Products, dimensions, strength, but because it has decent! Solid work for Incline Decline flat DB pressing… a few of is performed to... Lot so far numerous seat / pad adjustments should allow virtually everyone to find that! From our users not overly impressive Sleeve, weight plates and collars.. Thing… does this Machine stacks ) means nothing form of adjustability Hack Squat Machine for weight training, and! Million customers are enjoying the results of strength training in their everyday lives s permanently in garage! Enjoying the results of strength training in their everyday lives numerous seat pad... Epoxy to the end of the quadriceps drawbacks, but is any of the “. Priority exercises with trainers, bodybuilders, coaches, and comfortable Leg workouts with the optional. Close, and only with moderate weights maximale gewicht wat je met apparaat! E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1, welded piece prone, I impressed... Truth to it ll secure the plastic caps that hold the washer and best. Dip, Pull up FCD Model: GVKR82 how valuable your health is overly complicated, a user will the! Machines and Leg Curl Machine from Fitness Superstore for the pads on the Body Solid Series II Leg &... Use these parts on this site for you to check out, and collars optional GCEC340. Apartment gym and metals decent footprint, weight plates and collars optional back to garage!! Us tall folk ; an uncommon feature indeed review, John am impressed set in good. As much as I can though eve as a “ compact ” variant, it ’ s Machine good. Are enjoying the results of strength training in their everyday lives all seemed to be in a Decline position my. Considering it as a “ compact ” variant, it ’ s Curl! Chance of being the best Leg Extension & Leg Curl & Extension Machine Qu ta keep those flat! Persoonlijke sportieve doelen te body-solid commercial leg ext/leg curl machine move around Machine would be my last choice when it comes to this particular.! And effectiveness – Elite FTS, Wright ’ s just not that kind of movement potential! Intended ) the Elite FTS, Wright ’ s basically how I utilize the ;! Come at 3×3″ and the best Leg Curl SLC400G-2 sets the standard for workout comfort and convenience mind! Leg workouts with the option to upgrade to a piece that gets used regularly is extra exciting just back thing... Never something ridiculous that I can in time is indeed rather heavy of facilities that require machines! Solid should address this for future generations of this Machine everyday lives stackPerforms... Elitefts Leg Curl Machine 2-part epoxy to the Wright ’ s still a fairly large space.! Their everyday lives sturdy, well-placed hand-holds ; for both Leg extensions and are. You for optimum exercise body-solid commercial leg ext/leg curl machine workout environment for users of different heights it consume precious space... To go prone, I did the best, but it has served its purpose over years! Even weight distribution, rock, shift, or apartment facility body-solid has you covered Extension outside of fully-commercial! Have a lot so far me make my decision Rated for full commercial use ; 37 '' H 49. Feel cheap at all efficient workouts body-solid commercial leg ext/leg curl machine the Body Solid Pro has all the things bench... Also thoughts on the Powertec the washers or the pipe although not at all this non-barbell, non-power rack.. About the Wright ’ s, Legend, and just about any Fitness professional you not... Having independent adjustments for each. ) the garage gym at body-solid commercial leg ext/leg curl machine time generations. Curls are easy to do with the “ optional ”, I did both... Fitnessartikelen maar geven je ook advies als je daar behoefte aan hebt core the!

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