Brigadier’s pennant for 27 Cdn Bde (Militia) in Germany in the early 1950s. M477 truck, pneumatic shop, missile system, M506 truck, hydrogen peroxide servicer, (M37 truck), M508 semitrailer, shop van, 6-ton, (G751), M512 Truck, shop van, 2 1/2-ton, 6 x 6 (G742), M514 Trailer, chasis, 1-ton, 2-wheeled, (G839), M521A1 Howitzer, self-propelled, full-track, air transportable, 105 mm, M543 Truck,Wrecker, medium, 5-ton, 6 x 6, Gas Engine, M543A1 Truck,Wrecker, medium, 5-ton, 6 X 6, Mack Engine, M543A2 Truck,Wrecker, medium, 5-ton, 6 X 6, Continental Engine, M548 Carrier, cargo, full-track, amphibious, 6-ton, (M113 power train), M548A1 Carrier, cargo, full-track, 6-ton, (M113 power train), M548E1 Recovery vehicle, with welder kit, full-track, 6-ton, (1968), M555 semitrailer electronics van, 6-ton, 1-axle, M556 semitrailer electronics shop van, 6-ton, 1-axle, M557 semitrailer electronics van, 10-ton, 2-axle, M558 semitrailer electronics van, 10-ton, 2-axle, M564 trailer van, electronic shop, 9-ton, (G789), M567 truck van, electronic shop, 2.5-ton, (G742). (Author’s Collection.). 11. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). M201 truck, telephone maintenance, 3/4-ton, M211 Truck, cargo, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, dual wheel, M216 Truck, tank, fuel serving, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M217 Truck, tank, fuel serving, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M217C Truck, tank, fuel serving, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M222 Truck, water tank, 1,000 gal, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M238 truck, instrument repair shop, (G749), M242 trailer, fire control mount, 2-ton, (G789), M243 trailer, fire control mount, 2-ton, (G789), M244 trailer, fire control mount, 2-ton, (G789), M246 Truck, tractor, wrecker, 5-ton, 6 X 6, (M54 series), M246A1 Truck, tractor, wrecker, 5-ton, 6 X 6, (M54 series), M246A2 Truck, tractor, wrecker, 5-ton, 6 X 6, (M54 series), M249 Truck, gun-lifting, heavy, transport M58 gun (280 mm), M30 Carriage, M258A1 Trailer, radar-tracking van, 4-dual wheels, M261A1 Trailer, guided-missile flatbed, booster, 4-dual wheels. 10. Some military vehicle owners ask how to trace the history of their trucks.. of a. As long as there have been military vehicles – which admittedly are often identical to thousands of other such vehicles, there have been markings. Circle usually falling just inside the hood rests for the w/s and overlapping the hinge, but not quite going to bas e of w/s. 33 Summer, 1985 Magazine, $10 2) World War 1 Day by Day, Hardcover Book with Dust Jacket, 2004, 192 Pages, $15 3) Army Motors, Journal of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, No. 1 - 2 of 2 ads. Positions 1 and 2 are applied on the left, while positions 3 and 4 are applied on the right. Colour photography was not widespread in the Second World War, and accurate reporting of shades and hues has been difficult to obtain. The 1942 regulations (AR-850-5) required U.S.A. over the 5 … There are a total of [ 33 ] Active U.S. Army Vehicles and Artillery (2020)entries in the Military Factory. The A and the 0001 work together to show which number of medium weight vehicle built that this one is. Kitchen Truck), M139 Chassis, truck, 5-ton, Honest John and bridging versions, M142 truck, bomb handling, (G741), (M-37), M143A1 Trailer, bomb-transport, 2-ton, 4-wheeled, M146C Semi trailer, shop van, 6-ton, 2-wheeled, M147 Truck, amphibious, 2.5-ton, 6X6, super duck, (G814), M148 truck, amphibious, 5-ton, 6X6, (ACF-Brill), M149E2 Trailer, water tank, 400 gal, 2-wheeled, M152 Truck, panel, utility, 3/4-ton, 4 x 4, (Limited procurement by USAF. The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders were part of the 4th Canadian Armoured Division. 1234 M888 - Telephone maintenance body based on M880. 6, 7 & 8 Division formation signs from a September 11, 1944 “Vehicles markings” official Canadian Army document. War Department (WD) number. For Marine Corps vehicles, substitute USMC. My father retired from the USAF in 1961 as a major. The format stayed in place until 1921, when all military vehicles started using Middlesex area code … Search. 1. 30) or RS 30 CC 28 (for Road Surface and Cross Country). NOT common in Canadian Army. Although it is civilian, it shows the technique of the day. This was the military’s control number and once assigned, they rarely used the vehicle serial number (today we call it a VIN – vehicle identification number). Provides tactical transport for command and control, liaison, reconnaissance and military police. Now you can ensure your models of post war British Military Vehicles have the correct registration numbers thanks to this document from 2.5-ton, M621 Truck, cargo, export to Norway, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, 11:00 X 20, M622 Truck, fuel tank, export to Norway, engine flame heater kit, 6 X 6, M623 Truck, van, export to Norway, compressed air diff-lock on 3 axles, M624 Truck, dump, export to Norway, (details apply to all 4 trucks), M625 trailer, water tank, 400-Gal. Each unit tended to have a sign-painter, sometimes someone who had been a sign painter in civilian life. Some of these units are also used by Canadian Forces Land Force Command and other countries military forces under different designations: Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Army vehicle numbers were preceded by USA or US ARMY, normally appearing on a line above the number in same color and size as the number. "Army Vehicle Identification Numbers" from Portrayal Press has a complete list of "G" numbers that uniquely identify each U.S. vehicle (like G-503 for the World War II jeep). 3. M789 trailer, flat bed tilt loading, 3/4-ton. Same design, but changed the colour of the background. 5. M780 truck, water tanker, 1000-Gal. in front of passenger, just off to side of white circle & star) Dull mustard yellow. That said, as driverless vehicles increasingly become the norm on the roads, the acceptance of the technology in everyday life is certain to push its military use forward also. Tracing the Unit Assignment History. Vehicle pet name – Usually in British practice was a girl. Military Jeeps: M38A1 The M38A1 (MD) was built from 1952 until 1957 for the U.S. military forces and from 1958 until 1971 for export to foreign governments. After military service, most vehicles are repainted, and even those that survive in original paint jobs often have the markings painted out by the military before being sold surplus. The production information available for these vehicles suggests a much more limited production run. RCMP Musical Ride 2013-08-24 Langley, B.C. Military Number Plate Format: 1921-1948. It is basically identical to the WWII version except that that was a water transfer. Our D-Day division was 3rd Cdn Inf Div. Marking for World War II British 79th Armoured Division which operated the special purpose armoured vehicles. The cheapest offer starts at $ 21,700. Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. In broad terms, a WWII Canadian Army vehicle ‘overseas’ in the UK or mainland Europe would have the following markings: TYPICAL MARKINGS FOR A CANADIAN ARMY JEEP IN FRANCE IN 1944, DISTINGUISHING FLAGS FOR SENIOR OFFICERS AND VIPs, The author has assembled a collection of most of the WWII military vehicle transfers used by Canadian Army overseas, and most of the pennants, swallow-tails and flags flown by senior officers of their vehicles. The markings serve not only to identify a particular vehicle, but also to identify the unit and formation that it was serving in. This Expedient Route Opening Capability Vehicle transports Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators and their tools. Arm of service marks began with the use of service initials, such as S. & M. (Sappers and Miners), which pre-dated RE (Royal Engineers). C = Motorcycle. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily primary operator. at Abbotsford Air Shows, Photos – Aircraft etc. Something is off with your military serial number decoding. By September 1st, 1945, Canada had produced almost 410,000 CMP vehicles alone, togther with 306,000 modified conventional types, over 50,000 armoured vehicles, and over 91,000 civilian vehicles modified for military service. M428 trailer van, radar tracking station. On front Port side and rear starboard. Read more about List Of U.S. Military Vehicles By Model Number: M1 To M99, M100 To M199, M200 To M299, M300 To M399, M400 To M499, M500 To M599, M600 To M699, M700 To M799, M800 To M899, M900 To M999, M1000 To M1099, M1100 To M1199, M1200 To M1299, Non Consecutive Numbers M388 Semi trailer, tank, 3,000 gal, 2-wheeled, alcohol, M389 Trailer, w/missile test body kit, 1-ton, 2-wheeled, (G840), M390C Trailer, chassis, 2-ton, 2-wheeled, (G839), M394 semitrailer, medical van, 3-ton, (G833), M416A1 Trailer, cargo, 1/4-ton, 2-wheeled, (1976), M424 trailer van, directors station (G789). Dec 6, 2018 M787 truck, telephone maintenance, 2.5-ton, 6X6. However, at the onset of World War I, the government implemented a new format for military vehicles: a one digit code depicting the function of the vehicle (combat, medical, supply, etc. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Explore 2 listings for Military vehicle for sale Canada at best prices. Occasionally repeated on right (starboard) front bumper for vehicles with windshield usually off or down (e.g. M885 - M880 fitted with slide-in shelter kit with tie-downs. BMT No. ), followed by an upward pointing arrow, and finally, a five digit serial number. The U.S. Military’s Cryptic Letters, Numbers, and Symbols, Explained. 4. The U.S. Navy, USMC, and USAF have different systems from the Army for marking their vehicles, generally only using a registration number at some external point on the vehicle. ambulance jeeps and airborne jeeps). The Regimental Number, as well as the later Social Insurance Number and Service Number provided Canadian soldiers with a unique means of identification.. XM800 Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle, M1135 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle, Future Combat Systems Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle, Future Combat Systems Mounted Combat System, Future Combat Systems Non-Line-of-Sight Mortar, Future Combat Systems Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle, Future Combat Systems Infantry Carrier Vehicle, Future Combat Systems Command and Control Vehicle, Multifunctional Utility/Logistics and Equipment, List of U.S. military vehicles by model number,, M4A1 Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 18-ton, M4A1C Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 18-ton, M4A2 Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 18-ton, M4C Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 18-ton, M5 Bulldozer, earthmoving, mounted on M8A2 tractor, M5A1 Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 13-ton, M5A2 Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 13-ton, M5A3 Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 13-ton, M5A4 Tractor, full-track, high-speed, 13-ton, M6 Bulldozer, earthmoving, tank mounting on the M47, M7B1 Howitzer Motor Carriage, 105 mm howitzer, 23-ton, M7B2 Howitzer Motor Carriage, 105 mm howitzer, 23-ton, M7 Tractor, snow, search & rescue, half-track, (, M8 Bulldozer, earthmoving, tank mounting on the M48, M8A1 Bulldozer, earthmoving, tank mounting on the M48, M9 Bulldozer, earthmoving, tank mounting on the M60, M10A1 Tank, destroyer, full-tract, gas, (M4A3 hull), M11 Carrier, personnel, bull dozer, armored, M15A2 Semi trailer, tank transport, 50-ton, 8-wheeled, M19 Carriage, Motor, Gun, Twin 40 mm, (M24 chassis), M19A1 Carriage, S-P, antiaircraft, twin 40 mm, f-t, 18-ton, M19A2 Carriage, S-P, antiaircraft, automatic 75 mm, f-t, 18-ton, M21 Carriage, Motor, Mortar, 81 mm, half track, 18-ton. White star (solid circle the norm, thin or thick – it varied) in circle on bonnet (hood) with odd point pointing to the rear. See my “, FOR SALE – Firearms & Deactivated Firearms, Letters from William Arnott Stevens to his Grandsons, Documents of Lieutenant Earle Walter HUME, killed in World War I, Photos – Aircraft etc. Army - a prefix letter, denoting vehicle class, followed by a number. (Author’s collection), WWII Canadian Divisional formation signs in transfers 1944-45. M969 semitrailer, tanker, fuel dispensing, automotive. The number may be stenciled on in paint or may be in the form of a license plate or other method of attachment. Sometimes repeated on rear – if slat grille with no Jerrican on left rear, the number split e.g. You are at: Home » Uncategorized » British Post War Military Vehicle Registration Numbers. RN - preceded, or followed by a number. M442 truck, guided missile, rocket motor, M443 truck, cargo, 3/4 ton, 4X4, willys mule, M457 semitrailer, maintenance, weapon mechanical unit, (G751), M458 semitrailer, maintenance, weapon electrical unit, (G751), M459 semitrailer, maintenance, weapon connecting unit, (G751), M460 trailer van, electronic, 5-ton, (G842), M461 trailer van, electronic, 3-ton, (G842), M463 trailer air conditioned, 1.5-ton, (G871). Note: This information is based on procedures in effect from from the early days of World War II into the middle 1980's and applies to Dodge military trucks up to and including the M-880 series used by the Army. If no Jerrican then this sign could be on rear panel above the Ford or WILLYS name on early jeeps. M730 Carrier, self-propelled, guided missile, M732 Carrier, self-propelled, Vulcan gun, f-t, armor, (M113A1 chassis), M733 carrier, cargo, amphibious, f-t, Husky, M734 mechanized infantry combat vehicle, (FMC), M738 semitrailer, van, telephone, 10-ton, (G883), M739 semitrailer, van, switchboard, 10-ton, (G883), M749 semitrailer, shop van, 6-ton, (G819), M756 Truck, maintenance, pipeline, 2 1/2-ton, 6X6, M756A2 Truck, maintenance, pipeline, (multifuel) 2 1/2-ton, 6X6, M757 Truck, tractor, towing M48 tank, heavy, 5-ton, 8X8, (1969), M762 Trailer, chassis, 3/4-ton, 2-wheeled, (1970). Find great deals on eBay for military numbers. Colin Stevens collection. Check it out! Unit sign – Identified a unit within a formation (e.g. —The fourth group will designate the serial number of the vehicle in normal order of march within the organization to which it is assigned. M268 Truck, propellant servicing, 5-ton, 6X6, M269 Semi trailer, cargo, 12-ton, 4-wheeled, M275 Truck, tractor, short whbs, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, (M35 series), M275A1 Truck, tractor, short whbs, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, (M35 series), M275A2 Truck, tractor, short whbs, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, (M35 series), M280 truck, servicing platform, (M39 truck), M283 Truck, cargo, export, long whbs, 3/4-ton, 4 X 4, (LWB M37), M284 truck, fire control system, test shop, (G749), M291 Truck, van, expandable, 5-ton, 6 X 6, M292 Truck, van, extendable, (M35A2 chassis), M292A1 Truck, van, extendable, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M292A2 Truck, extendible, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M328 Truck, cargo, bridging, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, (G744), M332 trailer, ammunition, 1.5-ton, (G660), M342 Truck, cargo, dump, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, (M35A2 chassis), M346 semitrailer, tank transporter, 60-ton, 8-wheel, Dorsey, M347 semitrailer, refrigerator, 15-ton, (G856), M348 semitrailer, electronics,(G833) V-189 trailer, for AN/MSC-25, M349 semitrailer, refrigerator, 7.5-ton, (G815), M353 Trailer, chassis, GP, 3 1/2-ton, 2-wheeled, NSN 2330-00-542-2831, M359 trailer, electronic shop van, 3-ton, (G789), M367 trailer, maintenance, 1/4-ton, (G747), M373 semitrailer, electronic shop van, 3-ton, (G833), M382 trailer, electronic shop van, (G789), M383 trailer, electronic shop van, (G789). This durable reconnaissance vehicle is capable of withstanding intense amounts of gunfire. Sort by Usually painted “crooked” – Yanks liked theirs tidy and odd point up, so we naturally wanted to do it differently. Unit Serial Number – For A&SH it was 300/1, not always used, but if so, often on top edge of right (stbd) wing (fender) near front edge. “Bomb”, a Sherman tank that served with the Canadian Army from D-Day through to the end of the war in Europe – shown here on June 6 1945 presumably – one year (365 days) after D-Day which was on June 6, 1944. The following is a (partial) listing of "M" series military vehicles used by the United States military. D = Dragons (tracked towing vehicles) F = Armoured Vehicles. RCAF, Researching a Canadian World War I Veteran, Mounting & Wearing of Decorations, Campaign Stars & Medals – Canada circa 1945, British Columbia Provincial Police 1858 – 1950, BCPP Nominal Roll 1858 – 1950 – Sorted Alphabetically, BCPP nominal Roll – Sorted by Regimental Number, Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873 – Present, RCMP Change of Command Parade for “E” Division 2011-04-11. The military is advising people in the Toronto area to expect a large number of its personnel and vehicles on the roads starting on Monday. How to paint stencils on trucks, 1945. The decals were for the formation signs, and for background colours for unit signs. British Post War Military Vehicle Registration Numbers 0. ORD 2 Index to Ordnance supply catalog, ST 9-159 handbook of Ordnance material dated march 1968. M778 truck, cargo,dropside, 2.5-ton, 6X6. The U.S. Army had the highest number of active duty personnel in 2018, with 471,990 troops. Radio/Command Truck), (G741), M160 tank transporter, trailer, 60-ton, (G791), M162 Carrier, self-propelled, Vulcan gun, f-t, armored, (M113A1), M163 Carrier, self-propelled, Vulcan gun, f-t, armored, (M113), M164 semitrailer, office van, 6-ton, (G751), M172A1 Semi trailer, heavy equipment, 25-ton, 4-wheeled, M185 Truck, repair shop van, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M185A3 Truck, repair shop van, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6. :56Ambulances of the United States Army Ambulance Service carrying a red cross and the Caduceus symbol which had been adopted by the U.S. Medical Department in … 9. The marking on military vehicles to identify the country or unit pre-dates the development of mechanical vehicles. If there was room, it could all appear in one line. Most Canadian jeeps (not all) overseas were assigned numbers in the 4 million, 200,000 range. 2. In the same year, the Coast Guard had the fewest number of active duty members, with 41,132. By John Paulding on May 26, 2020 Uncategorized. Presentation of new mace to “E” Division RCMP Pipes and Drums, Museums – Giving a Tour & Public Speaking. – Colin Stevens’ collection. M190 truck, cargo, 10-ton, 8X8, Sterling, M194 truck, tractor, 15-ton, 8X8, Kenworth, M195 truck, cargo,3/4-ton, 4X4, (compact M37), M195E1 Howitzer, self-propelled, full-track, 105 mm, M200 trailer, chasis, generator, 3-ton, (G756). Early WWII unit and formation signs were painted on metal plates which slipped into a metal frame attached to front and rear of vehicle. (ST- is Special Text). Military vehicle for sale Canada. By 1944, transfers (water based decals) were being made and issued for marking vehicles. This page will be developed over time and the emphasis will be on CANADIAN military vehicle markings and paint schemes from all periods. M891 - M890 fitted with additional 60-amp 24-volt generator. The military forces of the world usually destroy army vehicle records. Too many collectors have sandblasted a vehicle and then asked what the history of their vehicle was. This is a different kind of serial number to the unit serial mentioned above and co-existed. M764 Truck, maintenance, earth-boring, 2.5-ton, M765 mechanized infantry combat vehicle, (FMC). 2.5-ton, 6X6. L = Trucks > 0.75 tons. M824 semitrailer, electronic van, 10-ton, M857 Semitrailer, tank, fuel, 5,000 gal, 4-wheel, M872 semitrailer, 12 wheel, extended M870. ORD 1 Introduction to ordnance catalog, WD CAT. The subject of vehicle colours is a difficult one to discuss via electronic means due to the variance in monitor settings and a lack of consistency regarding the actual subject matter. – Colin Stevens’ collection. dated 1 sept. 1943, TM 9-2800 Military vehicles dated oct. 1947, WD CAT. The following is a (partial) listing of "M" series military vehicles used by the United States military. Gas detection patch (on right side of upper rear of bonnet – i.e. Any military vehicles, with a load rating between those weight limits would start with this number. at Boundary Bay Air Shows, Photos – Aircraft etc. He took the brass stencils, and slid them together. The vehicle transfers were the same, only larger. The abbreviated title of the unit would be painted or stencilled on the white strip. 1 Canadian Infantry Division jeep decal (peel & stick) likely dating from the 1950s as used on vehicles and artillery spotting L-19 aircraft. At first, they were all stencilled or hand painted by a sign-painter. The Canadian Army assigned numbers to Other Ranks (only) up to and including the Second World War. M923 Truck, cargo, dropside, 250 diesel, 5-ton, 6 X 6, (M944 chas), M924 Truck, cargo, Cummings 250 diesel, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/o winch, M925 Truck, cargo, dropside, 250 diesel, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/winch, M926 Truck, cargo, Cummings 250 diesel, 5-ton, 6 X 6, M927 Truck, cargo, LWB, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/o winch, M928 Truck, cargo, LWB, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/winch, M929 Truck, dump, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/o winch, M931 Truck, tractor, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/o winch, M932 Truck, tractor, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/winch, M933 Truck, tractor-wrecker, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/winch, M934 Truck, van, expandable, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/winch, M935 Truck, van, expandable, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/o winch, M936 Truck, wrecker, medium, 5-ton, 6 X 6, w/winch, M940 truck, chasis, 5-ton, 6X6 (LWB W/winch), M943 truck, chasis, 5-ton, 6X6 (XLWB W/winch), M966A1 Truck, missile carrier, TOW, armor, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, w/o winch. (1965), M116 Carrier, cargo, f-t, soft skin, amphibious, Husky, M116 Carrier, personnel, full-track, steel armor not aluminum, M117 Basic chassis for M118 and M119 semi trailers, M118 Semi trailer, van, 6-ton, 2-wheeled, stake, M119A1 Semi trailer, van, 6-ton, 2-wheeled, M123 Truck, tractor, LeRoi gas V8, 10-ton, 6 X 6, M123A1 Truck, tractor, diesel, 10-ton, 6 X 6, M123A1C Truck, tractor w/w 45,000lb, cummins V8 diesel, 10-ton, 6 X 6, M124 Truck, radio repair shop, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M125 Carrier, self-propelled, full-track, mortar, 81 mm, M125A1 Carrier, self-propelled, diesel engine, full-track, mortar, 81 mm, M127A1 Semi trailer, cargo, 12-ton, 4-wheeled, M129 Semi trailer, supply van, 12-ton, 4-wheeled, M131A2 Semi trailer, gasoline tank, 5,000 gal, 4-wheeled, M132 Truck, medical van, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, M132 Flame thrower, self-propelled, full-track, (M113 chassis), M132A1 Flame thrower, self-propelled, f-t, range 170 m, (M113A1 chas), M132E1 Flame thrower, self-propelled, full-track, 11 3/4-ton, M133 Truck, kitchen, 2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6, (Only made for Canadian Army. Login / Register. and serial number is located behind the passengeR seat on the front of the rear fender well. (water buffalow), M1114 HMMWV 4x4 weapon carrier with improved armour protection, M1115 HMMWV 4x4 self-propelled TOW missile launcher, M1121 HMMWV 4x4 self-propelled TOW missile launcher, Army Vehicle Identification Numbers by Dennis Spence, ISBN-0-938242-10-5, TM 9-2800 Standard Military Motor Vehicles. H = Tractor units. Any discussion of military vehicle colours should be taken with that understanding in mind. The Broad arrow used by the British Board of Ordnance to mark government property dates from the 16th century.. M880 - Basic Dodge 4x4 Pickup truck Model. M674 Semitrailer, low-bed, 15-ton, 4-wheel, M682 Semitrailer, van, transmittal radar, 15-ton, 4-wheel, (G884), M683 Semitrailer, van, control radar, 15-ton, 4-wheel, (G884), M684 Semitrailer, van, heat exchanger, 15-ton, 4-wheel, (G884), M689 Dolly set, transport shelter, lifting, (contains M690 & M691 dollies), M696 tracked recovery vehicle, light, (M458 chasis), M706 Car, armored, light, (V-100 Commando), M707 dolly, set transportable shelter, (626), M709 trailer, stake/platform, 3/4-ton, (G630), M712 trailer, aircraft loading, 3.5-ton, (G622), M714 tractor, flat bed, tilt loading, 6-ton, (G629), M716 Trailer, cable splicer, 1/4-ton, 2-wheeled, M720 Transportable shelter, dolly set, lift, 3-ton, includes M721, M722, M723 mechanized infantry combat vehicle, (FMC). Coyote Armoured Vehicle. Formation signs and War Department vehicle identification numbers were painted on the sides. Bodies conformed to a military … The following is an example of the bumper numbers of a typical armor company, Bravo Company, 4/66 Armor. M1006 semitrailer, van, electronic, 4.5-ton. A 0001 would be the first, A 9999 would be the 9999th one built. He took a stencil brush and stippled (dabbed). Here is an article from the 1945 POPULAR MECHANICS SHOP NOTES which illustrates a similar procedure. Early formation signs were hand painted and/or stencilled. The numbers are usually three inches tall, black and are over a background of tan. M793 semitrailer, tank transporter, jointed, 52.5-ton. 7. Doug gave me a set of his brass stencils for letters/numbers, 4″ high, and many were C/|\ marked. Officers began to receive Regimental Numbers towards the end of the 1939-45 conflict, and after the war, Regimental Numbers were … Original vehicle transfer (decal) for 21 Army Group. Trucks & Equipment. Bridge sign – Usually a # 1, 2 or 5 for a jeep. CANADIAN MILITARY VEHICLE MARKINGS OVERSEAS. The effect of sun, age, precipitation, mud, etc. During World War II, Ford Motor Company of Canada produced some 335,000 vehicles for defence. Vehicles assigned to any headquarters will be combined for purposes of numbering with those of the appropriate headquarters company or similar organization, and will be given the smaller serial numbers used therein. He told me that closed cell foam (e.g. List of Caterpillar serial number prefix codes. The red colour is too pink in this scanned image. This will include markings painted on vehicles, transfers (decals) which came out during WWII which speeded up the process, vehicle flags and licence plates etc. 2900 (Colin Stevens collection). Painted in white about 1″ high at top of grille. Tire pressure markings – NOT the US “TP” type! I have a large collection of Canadian Army staff car flags. I always hate to see a vehicle that an owner has spent sometime over $10,000 and years restoring, and seeing them put incorrect markings on, or put on ‘correct’ markings in a wrong fashion. Vehicles… Number of soldiers in the U.S. Military by military sector U.S Air Force Reserve personnel numbers from 1995 to 2010 Prevalence of tobacco use among U.S. veterans from 2010-2015, by age M763 Truck, maintenance, telephone, 2.5-ton. All came in large and small sizes (truck/tanks etc., and smaller one for jeeps etc.) The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada had one, and Doug Lunn was one for a Canadian General Hospital overseas. The following few pages will attempt to document some of the surviving examples of these amazing vehicles. Quebec Command decal circa 1950s – 1960s. 8. I suggest using CM429_ _ _ _ (total of 7 numbers after the CM – C for Canadian, M for Motor Car.) General Crerar’s jeep flag as General Officer Commanding First Canadian Army in 1944-45. FV 11002 : Tractor 10 ton General Service Medium/Heavy Anti-Aircraft 6x6 AEC MilitantMk 2 M1015 carrier, cargo, f-t, ballistic protected shelter, M1025A1 Truck, armament carrier, armor, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, w/o winch, M1026A1 Truck, armament carrier, armor, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, w/winch, M1028 Truck, shelter carrier, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, NSN 2320-01-123-5077, M1028A1 Truck, shelter carrier, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, PTO capability, M1028A2 Truck, shelter carrier, 1 1/2-ton, 4 X 4, PTO, dual rear wheels, M1028A3 Truck, shelter carrier, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, dual rear wheels, M1031 Truck, chassis, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, PTO capability, M1035A1 Truck, ambulance, 2-litter, soft-top, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4 (, M1036 truck, Truck, missile carrier, TOW, supplemental armor, 4X4, w/winch (, M1037 truck, shelter carrier, 4X4, (S-250 shelter), M1038A1 Truck, cargo, personnel, 1 1/4-ton, 4 X 4, w/o winch (, M1042 truck, shelter carrier, 4X4, W/winch, (S-250 shelter), M1043A1 Truck, armament carrier, supplemental armor, 4 X 4, w/o winch (, M1044A1 Truck, armament carrier, supplemental armor, 4 X 4, w/winch (, M1045A1 Truck, missile carrier, TOW, supplemental armor, 4 X 4, w/o winch (, M1046A1 Truck, missile carrier, TOW, supplemental armor, 4 X 4, w/winch (, M1059 carrier, smoke generator, (M113 chasis), M1065 carrier, command post, f-t, 1.5-ton (M973 series), M1066 carrier, ambulance, f-t, 1.5-ton (M973 series), M1067 carrier, cargo, f-t, 1.5-ton (M973 series), M1069 truck, tractor, prime mover, light artillery,(M119 105MM).

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