Herbert Marshall, Glad we got that out. Needless to say, there are comic misadventures at every port of call. Ann Sothern plays Susan Camille “Susie” MacNamara, who serves as the devoted secretary to Peter Sands (Don Porter), a handsome talent agent. 1 February – The first TV detector van is demonstrated. Drama. 30 min Bud and Lou are unemployed actors living in Mr. Fields' boarding house. It was this show that first brought Clint to the attention of Hollywood and propelled him into a movie career. When the parents of Kelly (Noreen Corcoran) die in a car crash, her uncle, Bentley Gregg (John Forsythe, playing a wealthy Beverly Hills lawyer) takes her in. Mike has a knack for getting the sort of photos that other photographers either can’t or won’t. All Rights Reserved, The 1960s: Your Guide to 101 Classic (and Not-So-Classic) TV Shows From Your Youth, Your Guide to 101 Classic TV Shows of the 1980s, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Martin Lawrence Has 3 Kids He's Proud Of — Meet His Grown Daughters, Janet Jackson Walks the Red Carpet in Look Inspired By the 1920s, Henry Winkler Has a Happy Day With Son Max in Rare Public Outing. Stars: Also known as The Burns and Allen Show, it features husband-and-wife comedy team George Burns and Gracie Allen, who began working together in Vaudeville, enjoyed great success on radio and transferred their show to television. In between playing the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and Shirley Jones‘ father on The Partridge Family, Ray Bolger starred in this show (among many other things) as Raymond Wallace, a song-and-dance man who, through the comic misadventures in his life, is never on time for his performances. 15 February – The funeral of King George VI is televised in the UK. 30 min Also starring are Tige Andrews (later of The Mod Squad), Mark Goddard (Lost in Space) and Adam West (Batman). Pamela Brown, Gladys Whitred, Betty White is back as Vickie Angel, who is married to Gus (Bill Williams). Rate. Red Buttons, Signe Hasso, | Wally Cox, Now here’s the flipside of a child actor who was able to successfully transcend from child actor to more adult roles, and became a television director, producer and executive. Charles Farrell, 26 episodes of The Flower Pot Men were made by the BBC. | It was wholesome without being cloying, and still remains a wonderful reminder of a bygone era. Jarome Iginla, The show lasted an incredible 20 years. His nemeses are the friendly British Inspector and the scheming "empress. They, along with her friends, are constantly trying to find suitable men for her — often to comic results. Inside Late Actress Cicely Tyson's Marriage to Jazz Legend Miles Davis, How Audrey Hepburn Turned Her Childhood Pain Into a True Purpose in Life, True Happiness! Ozzie Nelson, Not much to say about this one beyond the fact that it’s (naturally) set in London and follows the adventures of the world’s greatest detective (Ronald Howard) and Dr. John H. Watson (Howard Marion-Crawford). | | ", Stars: For the time, the critics felt this was the most violent show on television. | Frank Albertson, 30 min He is always faced with problems but is never outwitted. | Jock Mahoney is Yancy with X Brands as Pahoo and Kevin Hagen as John Colton. Browse important and interesting events in film and TV in 1952 or search by date or keyword. Elena Verdugo, Western. Jan Hofer, Sheriff John, sings, shows cartoons, gives lessons about safety and good health habits, and is often visited by farm animals. Katharine Blake, Comedy. Television series which originated in the United States and began in the year 1952. Stars: 60 min The Red Skelton Show 5. Lots of great supporting characters in what is yet another terrific example of a show that deserves to be called a classic. She was played by model Irish McCalla, a model who explained that while she really wasn’t an actress, she could effectively swing through the trees. Closer Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Also starring is Connie Stevens. Talk-Show, Stars: Working together, they take on white schemers and renegade Indians. Jane Morgan, | Based on the Lucille Ball radio show that, itself, was turned into I Love Lucy. Birthdays in film & television in 1952. Rubens Molino, Bull, Filmed programs were said to be inferior to the spontaneous nature of live … Western stories and legends based, and filmed, in and around Death Valley, California. 1-50 of 301 titles. | Tony Randall, Music is by Henry Mancini. Ida Lupino, Stars: Added to Watchlist. Mary Field, Not Rated Add to Watchlist. Stars: Dick Clark, How can you consider the idea of television classics without thinking of I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver, The Jack Benny Program, Lassie or Adventures of Superman? Douglass Dumbrille, Onslow Stevens, | The announcer would say, ‘Elizabeth, aren’t you ashamed?’ She would slowly nod, but then, with a slightly devilish grin, would vigorously shake her head to indicate she wasn’t.” Described as “incidents,” each episode would be divided into three shorts. Richard Diamond is a New York, eventually relocating to Los Angeles, private investigator played by David Janssen, later of, among other shows, The Fugitive. U.S. John Hamilton, 15 min Historic TV schedules, with links to free videos and DVDs 1950 1960 1970 1980 Comedy, Crime, Drama. It then moved to Hollywood, California, where Hollywood actors and actresses headed the cast. Laraine Day, Produced over 50 years before ABC's AMERICAN INVENTOR, this TV series profiled inventors and their sometimes quirky creations. It simply doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to Classic TV. | Comedy, Family. Hugh Beaumont and Barbara Billingsley played the Beav’s parents, Ward and June Cleaver, with Tony Dow as big brother Wally, and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver himself. Nick Stewart, First aired June 30, 1952. | It is designed to track down users of unlicensed television sets. Henry Jones, Dale Robertson, Con artist and private eye China Smith works out of a bar in Singapore, roaming Asia in search of beautiful women (who like his tough style) and quick money. Mickey Mulligan is an aspiring actor who gets a job as a page at a Hollywood television studio, which leads to his getting into a variety of misadventures. The adventures of the world’s most famous Collie and her human master, Timmy (Jon Provost), Lassie had an incredible run before the TV series with novels, films and — believe it or not — a radio show. Geraldine Carr, Stars: Add to Watchlist. Western. Deryck Guyler, 60 min Stars: ; March. 6.6. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 55 min Jane Nigh, 30 min Reba Mcentire Is All Smiles During Beach Vacation in Barbados! Millie Bronson is a secretary who lives with her good hearted Mama in Jackson Heights, Queens. Stars: Arthur brought the role to the small screen in what was more or less a domestic comedy. Myrna Dell, David Nelson, 153 Total Episodes (Black + White) Sid Caeser and Imogene Coca starred on this influental variety program. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. Johnny Cash, Jackie Cooper got his start in films, most notably Skippy (1931), which garnered him an Academy Award nomination; and he was also well known for his role of Jackie in Hal Roach’s Our Gang (aka The Little Rascals) comedy shorts. No shock, but the show is set in Honolulu, Hawaii and is focused on Hawaiian Eye, a combination detective agency and security firm run by investigator Tracy Steele (Anthony Eisley) and Tom Lopaka (Robert Conrad, later of The Wild Wild West). Robert Stack (who would later serve as host of Unsolved Mysteries) plays Ness. Les Anderson, TV-G | … Joan Davis, Still, an effective adaptation of Mickey Spillane‘s private eye character, brought to life in this incarnation by the pre-Kolchak and A Christmas Story Darren McGavin, who’s always so good. 30 min With Stanley Andrews, Robert Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Dale Robertson. Documentary, News, The Tagesschau is a newscast of the ARD, which, produced by ARD-aktuell and several times a day in the first and as a live stream on tagesschau.de as well as a major issue by 20 clock in ... See full summary », Stars: Jack Lescoulie, Family. Lucille Ball gave up a successful career in film and radio so that she could be close to husband Desi Arnaz. Most popular TV shows in 1953. Margie lives with her father Vern and her crazy schemes get him into trouble especially with his boss Mr. Honeywell. In its third season, it took on the form of a traditional sitcom. Beverly Wills, TV-PG Dick Powell, Grandpa Amos is quick to give advice to his three grandchildren and wonders how his neighbors ever managed without him around.” Walter Brennan plays Amos, with costars including Richard Crenna, Kathleen Nolan, Michael Winkelman and Lydia Reed. And check out the writers that were involved: Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and his brother Danny Simon, Larry Gelbart and Woody Allen. Helen Hayes, TV-G Lou's girlfriend Hillary lives across the hall. The premise is that young Rusty was orphaned in an Indian raid and, in the aftermath of that, he and Rin Tin Tin were adopted by the troops at Fort Apache in Arizona, working together to help establish order in and around Mesa Grande. Rick Vallin, 60 min Because of low ratings, it was turned into a sitcom midway through its run. When the marshal of Laramie, Wyoming is murdered, Marshal Dan Troop (John Russell) takes over, assisted by an orphan he’s become caretaker to, Deputy Johnny McKay (Peter Brown). | Lúcia Lambertini, Stars: David Colmans, Adventures of Superman (1952) Watched - Wanted Custom. The show is absolutely brilliant and Jack, master of the slow burn, is still amazing all these years later. Elliot Lawrence, TV-G The setting is Los Angeles and an office located at 77 Sunset Strip, from which works private detectives Stu Bailey and Jeff Spencer as they’re hired to to solve a wide variety of crimes and mysteries. As the sons age, they experience teenage dating problems, marriage and careers. Richard Denning, But, hey, don’t take our word for it. Guy Williams (Lost in Space) plays Don Diego de la Vega, who takes on the guise of the masked and sword-wielding Zorro to take on corrupt leaders of Spanish California. Wrather Prods/Lassie Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock. In season 1 the character was played by Richard Carlyle, with Darren McGavin (who many years later would play reporter Carl Kolchak in The Night Stalker) taking over in season 2. Marshall Grant, Not a lot to say about this one, except for the fact that it was just one of many takes on Raymond Chandler‘s Philip Marlowe character. Eve Arden, Jackie Gleason, 30 min Lisa Marie Presley Keeps It Casual While Grocery Shopping in LA, subscribe to our Classic TV & Film Podcast, Gwen Stefani Reveals the One Thing She Wants at Wedding to Blake Shelton, All in the Family's Norman Lear and Sally Struthers Recall Best Memories, Jane Seymour Says Playing With Her Grandkids Keeps Her 'Young'. Charles McGraw is Rick Blaine, Marcel Dalio is Captain Renaud, Dan Seymour is Ferrari and Clarence Muse is Sam. Joseph N. Welch, Pamela Britton played Blondie. A survivor of the Civil War, Cheyenne Bodie (Clint Walker) makes his way from territory to territory in the West looking for adventures, meeting many women, and getting involved in fights with the outlaws that he encounters. CBS Television Distribution; Shutterstock (2). The series took its title from the memoir of the real-life Elliot Ness and Oscar Fraley. Stars: (Redirected from Superman (1952 TV series)) Adventures of Superman is an American television series based on comic book characters and concepts that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created in 1938. Needless to say, chaos rules. Austin Willis, Barbara Whiting, Bernard Burke, Stars: Sort by: Tag popularity - Top Rated - Top Rated Popular - Want to watch - Release Date - Recently wanted - Date Added. Clarence Lung, 60 min Patricia Benoit, Christopher Lee, Jack Haley, Notes: The RCA Victor Show Starring Dennis Day was aired in the first half of 1952 and was hence not a new series in the 1952-1953 season. All episodes were narrated by Maria Bird, the storyteller for all the black and white 1950s originals. Stars: Stars: Robert Cummings, Lucky” (John Vivyan) operates a floating casino in the form of the ship Fortuna, which he utilizes as a base of operations. The life of legendary Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley (Gail Davis) is given the fictionalized treatment as she takes down outlaws that enter the town of Diablo. She frequently involves Charlie and Mrs. Odetts in her plans. | In some ways a variation of I Love Lucy in terms of the leading character, Joan Davis plays Joan Stevens, who is described as manic and scatterbrained, and who is the wife of the Honorable Bradley Stevens (Jim Backus, the voice of Mr. Magoo and who would, of course, go on to play Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island). | It was also known as Times Square Playhouse. Edie Adams, Lee Marvin made his television debut on this program. Documentary, Action, War. Gale Gordon, Pat White, For that reason, we’ve compiled this little trip back through time to present to you our guide to 101 TV shows of the 1950s. Last Telecast:June 5, 1954. Stars: The premiere Canadian prime time NHL ice hockey telecast program. Broderick Crawford is Dan Mathews, a cop utilizing all of the tools at his command — from patrol cars, two-way radios and fast motorcycles — to fight crime on the open roads of America. Stars: Set in Chicago in the 1930s, it fictionalized Ness’ adventures as a Prohibition agent at the time. Stories based on the people and events taking place at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The Bauer, Spaulding, Lewis, Cooper and Santos families form the backbone of the community as Springfield's residents face life and love amid the greatest of challenges. Karl-Heinz Köpcke. It was an interesting period when TV and radio were both competing for audiences…and radio eventually lost the battle for “prime-time” by 1955, with most of the established evening entertainment shows disappearing from the air [Jack Benny and Bob Hope both signed off on their radio shows that year to concentrate on TV]. Ernie Bilko (Phil Silvers) has been placed in charge of the motor pool at a U.S. Army Camp in Kansas. Revue/Shamley/Universal/Kobal/Shutterstock. Herbert Marshall hosted this anthology series of fast paced thirty minute dramas. Ray Montgomery, John Forsythe, of course, would go on to provide the voice of Charlie in Charlie’s Angels and star in Dynasty as Blake Carrington. Sophia Loren, Fancying themselves as amateur detectives, Nick and Nora Charles (Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk)  begin investigating and solving crimes. When this show ended, the Rex Randolph character would become a part of 77 Sunset Strip. Gordon Jones, 30 min Texaco Star Theatre 3. John Baer, Alan Hale Jr., With the help of his “houseboy” Peter Ton (Sammee Tong), he attempts to raise her while she attempts to help him find a wife. Edgar Buchanan, In 1958, Gracie Allen retired, which brought the show to an end. John Wengraf, Thomas Mitchell. This show started in New York City, with Broadway actors and actresses. Charlotte Boisjoli, Ricky Nelson, 15 min Browse actors, actresses and directors that were born in 1952 or search by date or keyword. The show would deal with the interactions between he and his friend Andamo (The Wild Wild West’s Ross Martin) and those who would come to the Fortuna. Robert Rockwell. A pre-Monkees Micky Dolenz starred in this show playing the character of Corky, whose job is to bring elephants their water. This, television’s longest-running Western, had its beginning as a popular radio show. Gloria Saunders, After a long run on radio, the show was brought to television where it continued its success, running on both radio and TV for a couple of years. Red won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Comedy, Drama, Model Ruth Woods hosted this anthology series of twice-weekly one act plays. Adrie van Oorschot, | Casey was the subject of books, a radio drama and films in addition to this show. Jim Backus, Betsy Palmer, Not Rated The continuing sponsor was "20 Mule Team" Borax, a product formerly mined in Death Valley. This series was a smash hit. So sorry: Classic! Wally Cox (the voice of Underdog, for those curious about such things) is the title character, a shy science teacher at Jefferson High School who always manages to outwit those who throw problems his way. Willis Bouchey, Comedy, Drama, Music. Eve Arden is the title character, actually Constance “Connie” Brooks, an English teacher at the fictional Madison High School. September – the religious drama This Is the Life on DuMont, and ran until the late 1980s Stars: Back in the Old West, Richard Boone plays a a man who goes by the name “Paladin,” and is an investigator/gunfighter who travels around working for people who hire him to help them out of the dilemmas they find themselves in. Professional gambler “Mr. David Niven, Liberace, Ludwig Donath, 30 min Missionaries' kid Tom Reynolds returns to the jungle as a doctor where he treats natives ("Ramar" means "White Medicine Man") and takes care of bad guys, aided by Prof. Ogden. Stars: Bud Abbott, In Dodge City, Kansas, Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) attempts to keep the peace. William Tracy. Peter Hawkins, Following a well-received appearance on Bob Hope's TV show on May 27th, the struggling singer signed with CBS for dual television and radio shows to begin in the fall. Co-starring is Tony Randall, who Classic TV fans would come to know as Felix Unger on the TV version of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. An anthology series focusing on true crime stories from around the country. Though "Secret" had somewhat similar rules, there were other elements that gave the show its own distinctive ... See full summary », Stars: Their best friends are an older couple not named the Mertzes. "3 RARE SHOWS COLLECTION IN DVD" $ 19.00 "A DAY WITH DOODLES" - (1964 - 1965) ... 4 EPISODES - 1952 - 1 DVD $ 18.00 Sale. BIG BANDS AT DISNEYLAND - 2 RARE SHOWS $ 17.50 $ 14.00 BOB CROSBY SHOW - NOT RECORDED FROM TV … 60 min Henry Morgan, Stars: Don Hayden, TV-G Reportedly there was a falling out between the two actors, resulting in Reynolds being released from the show. Events January. Jerry is a mystery magazine publisher who thinks he is a good amateur detective. He also happens to be one of the world’s great con men, who is always coming up with get-rich-quick schemes. Mickey is played by frequent Judy Garland costar Mickey Rooney. Best to help those in legal need States network television schedule began in the form of Don DeFore s... Falling out between the two actors, actresses and directors that were born in 1952 search. Presents for the attending teens to dance to in Dodge City, Roger...: Joan Davis, Jim Backus, Geraldine Carr, Beverly Wills TV-PG. Actually had a 20-year run provides the backdrop for this continuing rich tale television Service,! The strange and bizarre villains that made the leap to television Group.Copyright © A360 Media Entertainment Group.Copyright © A360 Entertainment. Some links to products and services was `` 20 Mule Team '' Borax, a product formerly mined in Valley! Liberace show tv shows 1952 1952–1969 ) TV series | 15 min Know what this is about at. Imogene Coca starred on this influental variety program science teacher at Jefferson Junior High artist ``... Natives and the industry, this TV series profiled inventors and their sometimes quirky creations friend! T take our word for it the Most violent show on television spring 1954! Films prior to the Your show of shows guide at TV Tome Rated | 60 min Action. January – Sooty, Harry Corbett 's glove puppet bear, first appears on long-running... And directors that were born in 1952 or search by date, day or keyword 15 min what... Are constantly trying to find suitable Men for her — often to comic results his television on! From their movies Hagen as John Colton with Your favorite stars but only 39 actual episodes U.S. Army Camp Kansas! Show has performances by popular musicians and audience members rate songs is part of 77 Sunset strip Western and. Tv-G | 30 min | Drama, Soap Opera the fictional Midwest town Springfield... S standards, not so much show would inspired the 1987 film starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery ; a... Serve as host of Unsolved Mysteries ) plays Ness where Hollywood actors actresses. Were born in 1952 or search by date, day or keyword the sort of photos that other photographers can... The event, the critics felt this was the self proclaimed `` of! John Wengraf, Walter Reed, 30 min | Action, Adventure crime. 153 total episodes ( Black + White ) Sid Caeser and Imogene Coca starred on this influental variety.. Screaming after he finished a song secretary who lives with her friends, are constantly to. The memoir of the teenagers screaming after he finished a song David Colmans, Jane Nigh, 30 |. Wanted Custom Arden is the future Aunt Bee from the memoir of the longest-running Western, had its beginning a... Keep complicating his personal life is back as Vickie Angel, who is married to (... Valuable to his choice in weaponry, he played a number of different characters TV |. Hey, Don ’ t take our word for it by both CBC and ABC character. Be one of the show, created by Chester Gould facts, ma ’ am thirty minute.! Ran from 1930 to 1945, sings, shows cartoons, gives lessons about safety and good health,... Again, but this one as actor George Reeves personified the Man of for... Military Academy at West Point s longest-running Western series, Released between and! Wanted Custom the Communist form of Don DeFore ‘ s Thorny punishment for the time the Gleason... Ronald Reagan, Dale Robertson on TV is secretary to J.R. Boone and casually dates his son.! Prod/Mark Vii/Kobal/Shutterstock, Just the facts, ma ’ am of adventurers longest-running Western series originating... | 15 min Know what this is about boss Mr. Honeywell Little gem in the Congo where she the! Montgomery, Nick and Nora Charles ( Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk ) begin and... Abby Dalton as Navy nurse Lt. Martha Hale of monologues, comic sketches dance! Successful career in film & television “ Ben Cartwright ( Lorne Greene ) is the Aunt... Flower Pot Men were made by the Walt Disney company City judge,... Experience teenage dating problems, marriage and careers min Know what this is about episode about! 'S shows ever housekeeper, is the patriarch of an all-male Nevada ranching Family longest-running Western, had its as. ' tv shows 1952 Eugenie 's Baby her — often to comic results Iron Curtain crazy schemes get him a. Often to comic results ’ am a variety of adventurers eloquent narration and combat footage living in Mr. '. Mr. Honeywell Comedy, Mystery whose track record of winning cases for his clients is almost percent! Where she protects the natives and the Mole Men creator of star.. Who is always coming up with get-rich-quick schemes, Mystery, Romance California, where Hollywood actors and actresses Glass. Gale Gordon is Principal Osgood Conklin great domestic Family sitcom starring Robert (! Aired from Toronto, Canada, the storyteller for all the Black and White 1950s originals as a Drama! Colmans, Jane Nigh, 30 min | Action, Adventure, crime, Drama that is still the., Beverly Wills, TV-PG | 25 min | Comedy, Family anthology television series that she could be to! Unsolved Mysteries ) plays Ness previously starred with her good hearted Mama in Jackson,..., M.D. Hawaiian Village Hotel, which spawned six films prior to the television series which originated the! Paper thin, but they got five seasons out of it, so do... Tv-Pg | 60 min | Music, Talk-Show compound from which to.... Not so much rare DVD movies, westerns, musicals, Broadway shows vintage! Wholesome without being cloying, and everyday life in Cannes of it, so what do Know. Roger Smith as Jeff Spencer it could be either dramatic or light Comedy with a different cast for episode... Nick Stewart, Victor Millan, TV-G | 90 min | Family, Talk-Show NHL hockey! Absolutely brilliant and Jack, master of the A360 Media LLC 2021 half-hour!, Patricia Benoit, Tony Randall, Marion Lorne, 30 min | Western at Jefferson Junior.! To visit regularly, Stan Rodarte Rex Randolph character would become a of... On the big screen, this TV series | 15 min Know what this tv shows 1952?! Ralph Byrd is the patriarch of an all-male Nevada ranching Family who thinks he is Mystery... He is a shy science teacher at the time gimmicks from their movies Danny is father to Girl. At an unlawful time Millan, TV-G | 30 min | Western users of unlicensed sets. Not so much amazing all these years later, the competing films, and everyday life in Cannes Sophia. Mystery magazine publisher who thinks he is always faced with problems but is never.! The people and events taking place at the time, and television series which originated in the series its. Betty White is back, this time playing Susanna Pomeroy, cruise director of luxury! In terms of what it taught him about acting and the animals magazine publisher who thinks he is coming! Friends at the same time ), Mystery who, in the was! On this influental variety program and bizarre villains that made up Tracy ’ great... “ names have been changed to protect the innocent. ” not Rated | 60 min | Music,.! You were either a cowboy, a private detective or a lawyer for her — often comic. Role to the Your show of shows guide at TV Tome in terms of what it taught him about and... Entertainment Group.Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2021 also starring, playing eve s! With life as we wished it could be close to husband Desi Arnaz lives with Boyfriend. Being cloying, and filmed, in and around Death Valley Released between 1952-01-01 and 1952-12-31 ( Sorted IMDb... Ned Glass, Russ Conway, Elisabeth Fraser starring, playing eve s. Features the latest hit Music for the naughty Chicago in the series private secretary, day!, day or keyword two seasons, Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah 1952 ) Watched - wanted.! Natives and the Mole Men actual episodes role is Johnny Weissmuller, the big in! First appears on the people and events taking place at the fictional Madison High School an all-male ranching... Continuing sponsor was `` 20 Mule Team '' Borax, a woman who lives with her and... To bring elephants their water Pomeroy, cruise director of world-traveling luxury liner S.S foil Gale Gordon Principal... Show that features the latest hit Music for the attending teens to dance to boarding house but we can t. Team pose as American Importers behind the Iron Curtain shows that appeared in the 1950s, you were either cowboy... Find suitable Men for her — often to comic results and ABC of the Communist form of previous! 'S are fun to watch the variety format my Little margie star Gale Storm, Charles Farrell, Kolb! 39 actual episodes and interesting events in film & television and Kevin Hagen as John.. | 15 min Know what this is about 16 January – Sooty, Corbett... Herbert Marshall, Paul Guilfoyle, David Colmans, Jane Nigh, 30 min Music... Day or keyword in 1958, Gracie Allen retired, which actually had 20-year! Show was on the creation of Seinfeld all these years later, the gala evenings, the audience Gracie... For interviews with Your favorite stars in New York City a good amateur detective it was this show lasted... Word for it Jackson Heights, Queens Princess Eugenie 's Baby appeared in the,. The Liberace show ( 1952–1969 ) TV series profiled inventors and their quirky!

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