This can be a handy way of getting a tap tempo from a slightly irregular waveform or a simple loosely played tune. ZOIA Euroburo Empress extends the ZOIA for all your modular synth needs. Tone Control EQ is a 3 or 4 band tone control. ZOIA is great for guitarists, … In Switch takes a selected quantity of CV inputs and allows you to switch between them to a single CV output. A versatile filter which can be configured to be a high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, bell, hi-shelf, or low shelf filter. The optional stereo side will trigger the module's functions in unison on both channels, creating true stereo compression. It can show you a specific colour at a specific brightness based on the setting of input parameter. Copyright © 2021 Empress Effects. It's a modular synth built into a pedal form factor. No external MIDI controller necessary! Empress Effects ZOIA is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind effects pedal. Audio Balance mixes an output from 2 inputs. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The ZOIA is basically a modular synthesizer in pedal form. (Of course, if you're a nerd like us, you can use the ZOIA Try connecting a LFO or envelope follower to the alias amount. This could be a guitar, bass, synth module, computer audio, etc. Generates white noise from a single button. Many MIDI keyboards have an aftertouch feature that can be triggered by pressing down on a note after it's fully depressed. You can use it at your output jacks to select between amplifiers or mixer channels, use it in conjunction with the Audio In Switch to select between effects chains, or use it anywhere you'd like to be able to select an outgoing audio path using CV. easier, we've created modules for all your standard guitar effects. Then connect it to a CV output (range 0 - 1) with a connection strength of 7.4%. Slew Limiter is similar in behaviour to CV Filter except that the rate of change in changes of CV happen linearly instead of logarithmically. Temporary Store Hours: Monday-Friday 12-7 Saturday 12-6 Sunday 12-5 ZOIA Euroburo is basically a modular synthesizer in 34hp. Delay is one of the classic delay effects. Clock Divider module will detect tempo of incoming CV upward changes, divide it by by a user determined ratio, and output CV triggers at the resulting tempo. This module likes hot signals to be sure to bump the connection strengths. Empress Effects built a one-of-a-kind, bottomless guitar pedal that can be a little daunting. Mix up to 8 channels, in mono or stereo. The units will be sold direct from Gainlab Audio. Use this to trigger filter sweeps, audio effects parameters, LFO rates, etc. All Pass Filter pass through all frequencies at equal gain, but changes phase relationship between them. Blue = 0 to 0.099 (0 to 0.74 brightness control), Green = 0.1 to 0.199 (0.1 to 0.174 brightness), Red = 0.2 to 0.299 (0.2 to 0.274 brightness), Yellow = 0.3 to 0.399 (0.3 to 0.374 brightness), Cyan = 0.4 to 0.499 (0.4 to 0.474 brightness), Magenta = 0.5 to 0.599 (0.5 to 0.574 brightness), White = 0.6 to 0.699 (0.6 to 0.674 brightness). The Fuzz module provides gnarly fuzz tones for your sonic enjoyment. Instead of being a delay effect or tremolo, The OD & Distortion module provides classic overdrive and distortion tones. Don't worry, somebody will come get you out someday. The Low Frequency Oscillator is one of the workhorse modules of the ZOIA. Select the Program Change value and send a CV signal to trigger in to send message through ZOIA's MIDI outputs. Optional stereo outputs round out the list of features. The connection strength you enter at the output will determine the maximum sweep of the LFO. Delays internal audio signal by 1 buffer. CV Rectify will interpret incoming CV from -1 to 1 and "flip" the negative values into positive values equidistant from 0. Experimentation is key! This can be useful if you'd like to have something happen, but only above a certain threshold. Steps will interpret incoming changes in upward CV as a tempo, split the wave cycle into a set number of steps, and then send the CV present at the input during each step to the output. A gnarly ring modulation effect. When the input sees an upward CV change, the flip flop is triggered to change it's output state from 0 to 1 at the next upward change in CV, which must occur after a downward change in CV. Samsung Galaxy S21 review: The best Android phone for the money, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: A capable but costly flagship. Complete with control over the size, texture, position, density as well as the ability to freeze and play back audio at the speed of your choice (pitch shifted). Get bendy! You can modulate the frequency or pulse width with the optional parameters. (Image credit: Empress Effects) Released back in 2018, Empress Effects’ ZOIA is a unique modular take on the classic multi-effects pedal format. ZOIA review: A complex and rewarding modular effects pedal, ZOIA Euroburo is a modular synth you can put inside your modular synth, Almost limitless combinations of effects and modules, Large community building unique effect patches, Regular updates deliver new features and bug fixes. Hold again for 2 seconds to switch back. Use it to filter out noise from an audio source, or to cut the end off of a reverb's decay, thus creating the classic gated reverb sound. Remember to set CPort to cv in the Config Menu. Connect audio from the outside world into the grid. Audio Out Switch takes an audio input and routes it to a selected of audio output. Scare the crap out of all your friends! I had this same question. Tweak the values to taste, or connect them to other CV inputs for experimentation. So for instance, if you want a Choose between 3 different logic flavours with the "type" option. Shipments from our online store could be delayed by up to three business days as our team is currently working from home to comply with local CoVid restrictions. When stereo inputs are selected, one input will ping while the other pongs, followed by a pong while the other pings into the opposite and then correct outputs. Random will generate numbers continuously or when triggered with the option trigger in. Remember that silence at any one of the inputs will result in silence at the output! You don't have to break out the textbooks to learn that All prices in US Dollars. A spooky, ghostly reverb sound akin to the Ghost mode found in the Empress Reverb. Synth modules, MIDI devices, audio sources, musical instruments, amplifiers, your DAW, footswitches, expression pedals, etc are all connected into ZOIA's button grid here. Set the delay time either by tap or rotary/CV input. So, it only makes sense then that Empress … Connect an LFO to produce a vibrato effect, or connect whatever you'd like! Yes, a sampler with the re-sampling function will be added as an update soon. Delay w/Mod differs from the Delay Line module found in Audio Out in that it runs a dry signal alongside the wet, has a feedback section, and a modulation section. ZOIA is an all-new pedal concept from Empress Effects—a modular synthesis and effect processing platform all built into a single, super-powerful stompbox. The Empress ZOIA is one of the most interesting pedals ever released. Comparator is a logic module that will switch CV on if positive input is equal to or greater than negative input, and off if positive input is less than negative input. Empress Effects ZOIA. Connect the keyboard or MIDI note gate out to the CV input of the ADSR and you've got yourself a simple synthesizer! Watch the full video on @chihsuanyang’s page, iWe were lucky enough to experience a live set by Chihsuan after winter NAMM where she weaved together live loops of violin and the erhu and used the ZOIA … you're the one building it, you can make it do whatever you want. Get the best deals on Empress Effects when you shop the largest online selection at Connect a MIDI device, keyboard module, sequencer, pitch detector, LFO, or any CV source to select the frequency or note the oscillator will play. CV Filter dictates the length of time a CV output will take to respond to a change in CV input, determined by the time constant. Use this module in series with a MIDI/keyboard note to add portamento to your synth voice. Send Program Change messages to external MIDI enabled gear. Sample and Hold will take the CV value at the input and hold it in place at the output until triggered to look again at the input and update the output. Rhythm will take an incoming CV signal, interpret it into a series of triggers, record those triggers and play them back at the output. Its UI can be daunting at times and patch management is a major headache, but an active community building countless unique effects makes it worth the price of entry.

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