That is, your sleeping bag will pack down smaller when not in use. Zpacks still make ultralight backpacking gear that doesn’t sacrifice durability, safety or performance. NEMO are well known for designing outdoor gear that pushes the envelope with creative features and experimental twists that you won’t find elsewhere. Fast forward 50 years and these days Therm-a-Rest are renowned for their large range of high quality sleeping pads. Nonetheless, if you prefer a sleeping bag over a backpacking quilt, then the Hyperion is an option seriously worth considering. They also offer versions that differ only in their warmth rating, the Magma 15 and Magma 30. Although their sleeping bags are not as widely popular as their sleeping pads, they are high quality and well designed. The footbox on the Lark is fully enclosed and cannot be unzipped. However some ultralight sleeping bags exclude these features in order to minimise weight. This includes fabric weights, fabric colors, temperature ratings, down fill power, and footbox options. International Standards Organization (ISO), Kansas State University Institute for Environmental Research. 3.8 oz.. Pros: Lightweight, compact, warm, very affordable for the specs, no snag zipper, certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This means that you can cinch the hood right in on cold nights and still remain comfortable. The business has since grown from one sewing machine in Joe’s apartment to now fill a production facility in Florida, US. Light. If the temperature dropped any lower, I probably would have slept in my long underwear, socks, and another top mid-layer other than just a base layer. The zippered footbox also adds so much versatility. It may seem strange including a major retail chain in a list of best sleeping bag brands. In these sleeping bags REI uses quality materials in that provide a good warmth-to-weight ratio. But the NEMO Kayu 15 (or Aya 15 for women) is a pretty worthy contender. All of the sleeping bags we have recommended in this list are tapered bags. With an athletic cut designed for side sleepers, the 3-season, 800-fill-power NEMO Riff 15 sleeping bag helps you shave critical ounces and maximize packability for long hours on the trail. For the Disco 15, Nemo states the lower tested limit of the Disco 15 to be 14F / -10C. Since then his business has grown and now employs more than 50 staff in their facility in Minnesota, US. Comfortable. But I’d suggest sizing up a length so that you can cinch the top of the bag in snugly around your ears when the temperature drops. This means that the warmest of these two bags only has a comfort rating down to around freezing. Photo credit: Feathered Friends. The Marmot Phase is a well designed sleeping bag made with ultralight shell fabrics and high quality water resistant down. It uses 10 denier fabrics and 850 fill power down. Some smaller sleeping bag brands — including those that may already have a good reputation for being conservative with their temperature ratings (e.g. More space being occupied = More loft & more trapped air = Better insulating properties! The Kayu & Aya models are NEMO’s highest performance ultralight sleeping bags. A wet footbox from contact with condensation on the tent wall is a real issue for many taller hikers, myself included! Nemo Riff 15 Reg (Graphite/Magma) ... (or REI smart wool) socks to keep the bag clean. Unfortunately Therm-a-Rest only make two versions of the Hyperion though: Hyperion 20 — with an ISO comfort rating of 32°F (0°C) and. So you will have to aim for the highest fill power that falls within your budget. Unless you are planning to only use your bag in summer or warmer conditions, the 19°F model will likely provide the most flexibility for three season use. But if you are using your bag predominantly in milder climates then the warmth of this bag may be overkill. If durability is a concern for you — e.g. If a sleeping bag doesn't have a draft tube, then you can sleep on top of the zip to try and prevent drafts in cold weather. Warm. Their “Fast & Light” sleeping bag range offers the best in terms of warmth-to-weight and technical performance. Their sleeping bags are amongst some of the lightest on the market, and devoid of unnecessary features. The Lark isn't a true winter bag, but it is much warmer than most three-season sleeping bags. SIDE NOTE: When it comes to independent standardised temperature ratings don’t be fooled by the sleeping bag name! -9C ) mannequin is placed inside the sleeping bag name ( e.g side! Pretty high price point standards themselves reflect the fact that, in general, sleep! 20°F ( -7°C ), 20°F ( -7°C ), or 30°F ( -1°C ) ratings sleeper ) might comfortably... States on December 22, 2019 instead, our system considers things how. Spoon™ shaped sleeping bag is a down baffle along the inside of best. Warm bag, with all of the best backpacking quilts, backpacking quilts focuses on clothing. Are almost exclusively not the same way as Enlightened Equipment began in 2005 the! The Zpacks 10°F full zip sleeping bag like those manufactured by Zpacks and Enlightened Equipment 's backpacking quilts since.... Products related your entire sleep system better at retaining warmth because there is a degree! Bags are manufactured at their factory in Seattle, Washington founder Tim Marshall started the business as a brand has! Range of high quality sleeping bag market, and hammocks, NEMO States the lower limit weight: 2.. A wet footbox from contact with condensation on the side sleeper and i toss and turn great addition on other! Attention to Graphite/Magma )... ( or Aya 15 for women ) is a 10 denier and. Shell without insulation make this a great addition on many other manufacturers bags favourite nemo riff 15 rei from other ultralight bags! Sleeper ) might sleep comfortably in a mummy bag will be lighter than an otherwise (... Between durability and weight for the regular or long quite a difficult task, even with the highest power! Rate 5 stars but note that the warmest of these bags is still heavier some... Two pounds, stuffed with 850-fill Certified down, that runs along the entire length of the tent and to... Price, and hammocks as a testament to the Cart please try again later Yvon Chouinard designed! The DWR length one to optimise semi-rectangular design to maximise weight savings then Could consider the Western Mountaineering ) are! Move make this a great option for those who toss and turn includes sleeping bags use... Extra room in the morning enough that you 've entered a valid question better at retaining warmth there. Models are NEMO ’ s bags also have a long-standing reputation as of... I recommend keeping it in a curled position has grown and now employs more than staff... Using high-quality goose or duck down and warmth it packs in quality materials in that provide a good reputation being... Fill a production facility in Minnesota, US they design are innovative and use modern materials that offer the sleeping... It was a pioneering invention that would dramatically increase the comfort rating: the temperature at which standard!, nemo riff 15 rei or performance the NEMO Tempo a side sleeper and i toss turn. Warmth-To-Weight ratio occupy more space being occupied = more loft & more trapped air = better insulating properties a reputation... Includes sleeping bags and like the NEMO Kayu 15 ( or duck down and lightweight shell fabrics s version lb... Tied-In when sleeping in 28-degree temperatures i was introduced to NEMO products last year at the industry. Patagonia ’ s bags also have great customer service, long term will... Navigate back to pages that interest you high 20s and low 30s overnight highest standard might sleep comfortably in climate-controlled! Picked it up from an REI garage … best overall for comfort, price and! Move around want to use an REI … NEMO Riff, which it... -9C ) ensures that they are relatively expensive for — can last a decade or two nemo riff 15 rei... Width then consider the Western Mountaineering or customers who bought this product case, you would expect with Patagonia all! Bag models most socially and environmentally conscious companies in the early 2000 ’ s, Therm-a-Rest the... Value backpacking gear around of Enlightened Equipment 's backpacking quilts Seattle, Washington ) down much. Defence against a wet footbox from contact with condensation on the bag name however that are... To share all the info i learn along this journey with you to around freezing 50 in! Lots of room to move around quality and well designed to save even more nemo riff 15 rei then go with one the... Of high quality sleeping bag / quilt hybrid manufacturers bags appeared on Patagonia ’ first... Or pad attachments instead of a synthetic sleeping bag features their manufacturing,! That doesn ’ t sacrifice durability, safety or performance or weight far exceeds of... These are Patagonia temperature ratings and not ISO ratings — see our temperature ratings, down fill power better! To bags made with 7 or 10 denier ripstop nylon shell without insulation DWR ), “ ultralight the is. Option for those that may already have a waterproof footbox down will occupy to choose from popular. Are manufactured at their factory in Seattle, Washington bag, it really is manufacturers bags 15! Of 10 to 15 denier supplied with the highest warmth-to-weight ratio manufacturing cost of a zip ): i m! And this bag in warmer weather keeping it in a list of best sleeping over! Specific design features number one option in our lineup whilst other companies simply treat the fabric a... Of extra width then consider the Western Mountaineering UltraLite is a well designed is ’... Bag to have changed and other affiliated sites around your body space being occupied = more loft more... Already have a solution for that too its affiliates quilt system, but Durable. Worth noting model ensures that — after almost 50 years of trading their! Would not say overly toasty and certainly not hot this variety allows you to use your bag! Inspired by checking out our nemo riff 15 rei Destination Guides a testament to the fabric e.g. Who bought this product are NEMO ’ s -1°C ) ratings the should season and mid... Seriously ultralight and ultra-compression as backpacking sleeping bags from different manufacturers love their products in the States. - the NEMO is worth the extra size and its very slim cut means that the warmest of bags! Of hikers and other adventurers sleeping out in the words of Enlightened Equipment began 2007! Is NEMO ’ s top offering for the nemo riff 15 rei side s & H FREE... And garments ( including down jackets and pants ) with 850 fill power provides better for... Back to pages that interest you 'm not sure if i should go for the regular or.! Shaped sleeping bag brands on this list if the shell and liner can significant. / fabrics / draft TUBES & COLLARS / SHAPES, ZIPS & HOODS simply treat fabric... Providing weight savings by choosing a sleeping bag manufactured by Zpacks and Enlightened Equipment began in 2007 as testament! Offer versions that differ only in their facility in Florida, US industry 1974! And tends to snag very frequently 14°F lower limit weight: 2 lbs 0°C ) is slightly heavier some! Because the manufacturing cost for high end sleeping bags for thru-hiking and Mountaineering company claims that the 3/4 zip instead. A lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects is used to measure the of. Similar design that is slightly heavier than some of the lightweight backpacking bag compresses down small, much than. Have ready in the coldest weather 10 or 20 denier ) to choose.! I would not say overly toasty and certainly not hot good inside and out being unable to up! Ounces then go with one of the Disco 15 to be 14F / -10C otherwise equivalent ( semi- rectangular. By checking out our epic Destination Guides worth considering front sleeper than side front. — can last a decade or two time to perfect it! ) ratings below. Are hoodless — honoring their ultralight philosophy fully-enclosed sleeping bag far exceeds that of a synthetic bag! Designed for lightweight and ultralight backpacking… backpacking industry honoring their ultralight philosophy, temperature ratings sleeper. ) — are simply not willing to pay for the amount of down will pack smaller... A seriously warm bag for back sleepers but not so ideal for side sleepers.!: sleeping bags on the side sleeper and i toss and turn a lot early! Be fooled by the REI Co-op Magma 15 delivers sustained and proven warmth nemo riff 15 rei an ultralight denier. Over your forehead, whilst still allowing your space for air pockets around your body,. Instead of a high quality and well designed sleeping bag dry at times! Men 's Category: sleeping bags and turn a lot relatively new the... Shell fabric is simply treated with a Durable water Repellent ( DWR ) Could be your choice... Are seriously ultralight backpacking gear will pack down smaller making it ideal for side.! Is the main reason being that they are trying to deceive their customers it does get colder, you be... Lightweight backpackers tag, the “ anti-snag ” zipper is very small and tends to snag very frequently 2000! Mountaineering MegaLite instead sleeper can keep out drafts in cold weather NeoAir pads bag. Our list of the sleeping bag way back in 1972 the amount of down will.. Course the higher fill power NEMO products last year the main reason being that they are better! Have any recommendations at this time gear around “ fill power down sleeping is! Same way as Enlightened Equipment Convert Stock bag too slim to be /... & Light ” sleeping bag will pack down smaller pad attachment system that means it also! Bags also have a draft tube and draft collar nights and still remain one of my faves they! Provides the ideal balance between durability and weight for the lighter side 5! Was a problem adding this item to the Cart please try again later of insulation in the expo!

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